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Last updated: Nov 25, 2021

We are constantly working on releasing more and good features. This list shows new features that we are already working on or planning to add to the system as soon as possible.

  • Statsignal launch
    Make Statsignal public.

  • Custom Alerts Custom alerts will give you more options for setting your alert trigger and specifying different types of recipients, such as Slack, SMS, or phone calls

  • Allow using monitor and groups on the same status page
    Currently, the Status Page doesn't allow mixing groups and monitors on the same Status Page, but that will be possible with this feature.

  • Allow customizing HTTP methods and headers in HTTP monitors
    Currently, HTTP monitors use the HEAD HTTP method to check the target website. With this feature, you will be able to use any other HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE, PATCH). Also, you will be able to send custom headers in the HTTP request.

  • Allow checking a specific response from HTTP monitors
    This feature will enable checking the body or head of the HTTP monitor responses.

  • Embedded status
    Allow embedding the status of your monitor in any webpage

  • Custom event description
    Allow setting a custom description for any status event.

  • Messages
    With messages, it will be possible to report any event or incident related to your monitors or system. For example, reporting future maintenance or upgrade.

  • Reporters
    A reporter, unlike a monitor, will only report the status of any system; however, its status will be updated via the Statsignal API.

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