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Webhook Callback Request

Request HTTP Method


Request Headers

Content-LenghtSize of the request body, in bytes.
X-Statsignal-Api-VersionThe Statsignal API version.
X-Statsignal-TopicSubscribed topic name.
X-Statsignal-Webhook-IdSubscribed Id.
Accept-EncodingThe content encoding.
User-AgentClient software and version that is making the request.
ConnectionType of connection between client and server."
X-Statsignal-Hmac-Sha256Generated by applying your secret key found in "Settings / API / HMAC Secret Key".

Request Body

uuidMonitor UUID
urnUrn address
typeScheme or Protocol
nameName of the Monitor
statusThe actual status of the monitor
statusAtDate on which the monitor obtained this status

Webhook Callback Request Example

Request HTTP Headers

  Content-Length: 170
  X-Statsignal-Api-Version: 1.0
  X-Statsignal-Topic: monitors/status_change
  X-Statsignal-Webhook-Id: 02c4644e924b436a9c4bd43231c6ff7e
  Accept-Encoding: gzip
  User-Agent: Statsignal
  Connection: close
  X-Statsignal-Hmac-Sha256: yvneHhGzjCcwyQAdVcfuoND/KDct1jhg9qPfarhvu6M=

Request HTTP Body

    "name":"Acme Corp",
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